When someone thinks about buying, selling or renting property in New York City, most people get a knot in their stomach. For the inexperienced, it can be a very daunting task. Javier has made his mission to make the process the least stressful and the most time effective possible – helping sellers make the most money possible and buyers and renters get the best deals that the market can bear.

Javier has called New York home since 2002, and fell in love with the dynamic city since the first moment he arrived. Initially developing a career in film production, he built his reputation as a problem solver. With every new production, there were new locations to work in and opportunities to discover the many hidden gems of New York City, leading Javier to fall in love with the real estate market throughout the years.

In the last few years, Javier has taken a deeper interest in real estate and started studying the investment market in NY, leading to the decision to use his expertise to help people make the best choices for their living situation and real estate investments.

When not working on deals for his clients, Javier can be found enjoying his other passions – in the kitchen cooking a delicious meal for his wife and their friends or at his favorite Buddhist center in the east village exploring the ultimate nature of the mind.